You are not using a browser or OS that can be detected. If you want to use the VOAL Web Access please use Windows with Internet Explorer or Mac with Safari.

If you don't want to use the OS and browser combination specified above to access the VOAL desktops then you can perform an ADVANCED installation, which will install an application onto your computer or device that will allow you to connect directly to the VOAL system without using a web browser.

   Click here for the Windows ADVANCED Setup Documentation
   Click here for the Mac ADVANCED Setup Documentation
   Click here for the Linux Setup Documentation
   Click here for the iPad Setup Documentation

NOTE: The desktop interaction may seem slower for a VOAL full desktop or application as compared to your own computer.
This is especially true for photo or video editing. VOAL performance varies during the day/week.

Suggestions, questions or concerns please email or call Help Desk Central at 979-845-8300


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IMPORTANT: OAL logins have changed!

If you have configured a personal computer or device to connect to VOAL prior to August 24, 2017, you will need to reset the configuration file on your device.
To do this, you can open the vWorkspace application on your device, log out of the VOAL connection and click the trash can icon to remove the old VOAL configuration.
Then you can reconnect the application to to receive the new configuration file.

VOAL Client Connector Downloads

   Dell vWorkspace Connector for Windows - version 8.6.309.4265
   Dell vWorkspace Connector for Mac OS X - version
   Dell vWorkspace Connector for Linux - version - NEW