VOAL does not support the web browser you are using. Please use Windows with Internet Explorer or Mac with Safari.

If you don't want to use the OS and browser combination specified above to access the VOAL desktops then you can perform an ADVANCED installation, which will install an application onto your computer that will allow you to connect directly to the VOAL system without using a web browser.

   Click here for the Windows ADVANCED Setup Documentation
   Click here for the Mac ADVANCED Setup Documentation
   Click here for the Linux Setup Documentation
   Click here for the iPad Setup Documentation

NOTE: Application run times are slower for the VOAL than in the physical computer labs. This is especially true for photo or video editing software.

VOAL performance varies during the day/week. Read the text below the VOAL options and choose a VOAL desktop accordingly.

Suggestions, questions or concerns please email suggest@tamu.edu